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A Beginners Guide to Buying and Selling a Business:

In the first step, a buyer checking our product section finds a particular product appealing. Then the buyer goes ahead and finds the seller of the product. In this scenario, both the seller & buyer meet on our XLLDeal e-commerce platform. The buyer gets all the information about the seller’s business from our business directory. If the information convinces the buyer, then he/she can go ahead to have dealings with the seller. Say, the buyer is convinced with the seller’s business information. In that case, the buyer can go ahead & message the seller to know the details about the products.

Confirmation Your Order

If the buyer finds the product convincing and the seller reliable, then he/she can place an order here, in the second step. Placing an order on our platform is very simple and has a minimal number of steps. The buyer has to fill in the required details including contact number and delivery address and click the button to place the order.

B2B Payment Processing: What Method is Right For Your Business

In this step, the buyers would have to pay for their placed order. We do not have the option of cash on delivery as of now. But we ensure you we have a highly secure payment gateway for your online transactions. So you need not to worry about the security of your transaction. Your payment while placing an order will help us to execute further processes including- packaging of the product, shipping, and delivering.

Delivery Methods and Shipping Charges:

Shipping of the order by the seller may take few days. Steps are involved in order processing. First, the seller enters the order & checks for validity. Details such as payment terms, order quantity, per unit price, etc. are checked & verified. After order entry is completed, order filling starts. Order filling refers to the purchase, retrieval or production of the ordered product. After order filling is completed, the shipping process starts. By the weight, size, and other details of the order,

Delivered products

After the order is shipped, it goes through a series of processes before it is delivered to the buyer. The order goes through different checkpoints on the way. If the seller is from a foreign country, the delivery takes more time. After completing the long journey, the ordered product reaches the delivery office at the buyer’s locality. From here the product is delivered at the doorstep of the buyer, and the order fulfilment process gets completed.

Our Products and Services

We at XLLDeal Goods and Services Pvt. Ltd. is selling of manufacturers products, and services. We have listed manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors, wholesale seller, importers, and exporters who enjoy the facility of international trade. We work as an online B2B e-Commerce marketplace, apart from we are an online service and manufacturers directory portal. We also function as an online classified providing services & products about Agriculture, Farming Equipment (Fertilizer in Plants, Pickaxe, Knapsack Sprayer, Power Tiller, Harrow, Farming Tools and Machinery), Food, Apparel, Textiles, Auto, Transportation, Bags, Shoes, Electronics, Electrical Equipment, Telecoms, Gifts, Sports, Toys, Beauty & Spa Products, Personal Care, Home Appliance, Consumer electronic Appliances, Lights, Construction, Machinery, Industrial Parts & Tools, Metallurgy, Chemicals, Rubber & Plastics, Packaging, Advertising & Office Appliance, Hotels Appliance, Real Estates, IT Services, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Designing, Online Marketing, Insurance, and many more. We work for almost all the service sectors. BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION MACHINES: Wood, Plywood, Veneer & Laminates | Plywood, Particle Board, Timber Logs, Planks, Bamboo, Veneers & Laminates | Concrete Batching Plant, Building & Construction Machinery and Equipment | Steel & Stainless Steel Bars, Rods, Plates and Sheets | Metal, Wooden, Plastic Doors and Windows INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY: Water Treatment & Purification Plant, Waste Water Treatment Plant & Components | Food Processing Plants, Machinery & Equipment | Printing & Allied Machinery & Equipment | Sewing, Knitting & Embroidery Machine, Tools & Equipment APPAREL & GARMENTS : Ladies Suits, Tops, Designer Dresses, Apparels & Garments | Men Shirts, T Shirts, Denims, Jeans and Garments | Sarees, Lehenga, Ghagra & Choli | Apparel Fabric & Dress Material: Silk, Denim, Jacquard, Georgette, Cotton, Nylon ELECTRONICS & ELECTRICAL : Printers, Scanners, Projectors, Fax Machines & Office Automation Products | Solar Energy, Renewable Energy, Energy Conservation Products & Spares | Light Bulb, Tubelight, Downlight, Rechargeable Light and Lighting Accessories | AA Battery, Lithium Ion Battery, UPS Battery, Batteries & Charge Storage Devices INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES : Submersible Pumps, Centrifugal, Monoblock, Diesel, Hydraulic Pumps and Spares | Storage Tanks, Water Tanks, Barrels, Drums and Shipping Containers | Oils, Greases & Lubricants